Membership terms and conditions

Effective date: 02 May 2024

Fees, Cancellations and Refunds

  • Annual ongoing subscription may be paid in monthly installments.

  • Founding members grandfather pricing is set for membership life.

  • Members fees may be reviewed annually.
  • Fees are paid to In Other Good News. Ground Level Club is initiative with In Other Good News and TechLever.

  • No questions asked refund applies to a maximum 12-month membership on fees paid, requests must be emailed.

  • Hassle-free membership cancellation, members may cancel a membership at any time, and receive a refund as follows;
    • Annual upfront payments: We calculate refunds based on the full fee (not discounted) from the date commenced to the date of the cancellation request, i.e. we apply a fee for the proportion of time you were a member and we refund you the remaining balance.

“Refund fee = Fee paid – (Full Fee / 12 months * months attended)“

    • Monthly instalment payments: When membership is paid by monthly instalments, the payment schedule will be terminated according to the date we are notified. If any payments were made after the date of request, we will refund you the payment.
    • Requests to terminate membership must be emailed.


  • Chatham House Rules apply to every meeting.
  • Once a month, except for December and January.
  • Leave of Absence: If you are unable to attend meetings, you may have a substitute from your business attend on your behalf.
  • Apologies: Your attendance is assumed at every meeting, unless advised otherwise.


Members may;

  • Invite one guest to each meeting.
  • Use own discretion as to the number of meetings the guests may join.

Email notification of the guest contact details is required the week prior.

All guests are welcome, and are expected to maintain the Ground Level values and terms and conditions.

Guest exclusions, they must not be employed by the Members’ business. Guests of Founding Members are not subject this exclusion.

Advice and Confidentiality

We are committed to maintaining a safe, enjoyable, inclusive space:

  • All information in Ground Level, and between its members and their guests, is provided on the basis that each individual undertakes responsibility for assessing the suitability and accuracy in context of their personal situation.

  • All information disclosed in Ground Level, and between its members and guests is considered confidential unless advised otherwise or in the public domain.

Social Events

  • Additional social events are run throughout the year, dates and fees (if any) will be advised prior.
  • Members may invite as many guests as reasonably requested.

Benefits and Resources

We aim to make more time for you, membership perks include;

  • Private access to all meeting minutes online – find out what members are up to and discussion on the think tank topics
  • Connect with members and access the contact directory and calendar
  • Join the discussion between meetings through the members-only chat group (Whatsapp)
  • Access to a growing knowledge hub for business of useful info we collate during meetings; software and tools used to run a business, books, media (eg podcasts, shows), and local Facebook groups.